WordCamp Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Another great WordCamp. Arrived late on Friday night so I was only able to attend Saturday but I still had a great time as usual. Only the second time I’ve been to Grand Rapids but it remains as one of my favorite places to go.

On Sunday before my flight out I managed to go to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum and the Grand Rapids Art Museum which were both very cool.

WordCamp NYC

One of my favorite things about going to a WordCamp is how diverse it is. I tried to take advantage of it even more so this time around by asking where everyone is from, and where they’ve been traveling recently.  Since I’m trying to figure out my next major travel destination I was prying for information.  I confirmed with a few people that Thailand is definitely something I shouldn’t miss out on, which makes me happy since the political unrest had me uneasy. Definitely a top priority now!