Portland, Oregon – Day 1

My first day in Portland went as well as I could have wished! The room I’m staying in is great, Faith (my host) is great, and Portland is amazing! The room is like college campus housing, except way better. If I wasn’t sharing a bathroom I could easily feel like I was the only one living here (when there are really 5 adults in total; and a two year old!) — but I’m also looking forward to getting to know everyone more.

I spent a bit of time today (really yesterday) exploring downtown, and I can say that while it was great, I’ll probably limit my time there. After spending a month in such a huge city as Melbourne it’s nice to be in a quiet neighborhood. The walk to Alberta street is super easy and I have access to tons of shops, restaurants, and cafes. There’s no huge reason to go downtown. However, the bus system is very nice for when I need to.

I went to the Portland WordPress User meetup. It’s very interesting to see how “the other side” interacts with WordPress.

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