Portland, Oregon – Day 7

I went to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and checked out a few exhibits and saw a 3D IMAX movie. Always love going to 3D movies when there are a bunch of little kids watching as well and watching them as they try to grab the screen.

Pine State Biscuts — enough said.

Then spent the next 5 hours making jam! Quite an intensive process but very cool. Picking, juicing, jellying, and jarring.

Portland, Oregon – Day 3

Went to the Portland Art Museum, had lunch, and walked around the “Cultural District” downtown. Definitely a great area outside of the Pearl District that has a more “Portland” vibe than the Pearl District.

Later I had an amazing evening/night with everyone at the house, and met other AirBnB hosts and guests. There was tons of great food; most of which came right from the gardens outside.

WordCamp Grand Rapids, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Another great WordCamp. Arrived late on Friday night so I was only able to attend Saturday but I still had a great time as usual. Only the second time I’ve been to Grand Rapids but it remains as one of my favorite places to go.

On Sunday before my flight out I managed to go to the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum and the Grand Rapids Art Museum which were both very cool.

Gold Moth Exhibition

(photo not mine)
(photo not mine)

I walked to an art gallery today that was featuring work by a local artist. It was in the RCVA Gallery. RCVA is a skateboard/apparel company so I found that very interesting as I had no idea they had things like that. I’ve found myself wishing–on more than one occasion–I still skateboarded and this definitely piqued my interest again.

I walked to the venue since my MyKi is expired and I’m a rule follower. Down a street called Smith Street I don’t think I saw anyone over the age of 25. There seems to be an endless amount of hip neighborhoods in any direction outside of the city.

Also I’m not perfect. I rode the myki back and someone had my same boots on. And the guy sitting next to us definitely noticed.