Portland, Oregon – Day 7

I went to the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and checked out a few exhibits and saw a 3D IMAX movie. Always love going to 3D movies when there are a bunch of little kids watching as well and watching them as they try to grab the screen.

Pine State Biscuts — enough said.

Then spent the next 5 hours making jam! Quite an intensive process but very cool. Picking, juicing, jellying, and jarring.

Portland, Oregon – Day 3

Went to the Portland Art Museum, had lunch, and walked around the “Cultural District” downtown. Definitely a great area outside of the Pearl District that has a more “Portland” vibe than the Pearl District.

Later I had an amazing evening/night with everyone at the house, and met other AirBnB hosts and guests. There was tons of great food; most of which came right from the gardens outside.

Portland, Oregon – Day 1

My first day in Portland went as well as I could have wished! The room I’m staying in is great, Faith (my host) is great, and Portland is amazing! The room is like college campus housing, except way better. If I wasn’t sharing a bathroom I could easily feel like I was the only one living here (when there are really 5 adults in total; and a two year old!) — but I’m also looking forward to getting to know everyone more.

I spent a bit of time today (really yesterday) exploring downtown, and I can say that while it was great, I’ll probably limit my time there. After spending a month in such a huge city as Melbourne it’s nice to be in a quiet neighborhood. The walk to Alberta street is super easy and I have access to tons of shops, restaurants, and cafes. There’s no huge reason to go downtown. However, the bus system is very nice for when I need to.

I went to the Portland WordPress User meetup. It’s very interesting to see how “the other side” interacts with WordPress.

Kebab Station, Coburg Victoria

Finally took the train out of the city to the suburb of Coburg; about 8km north of the Melbourne business district. Got a Doner Kebab platter at the Kebab station. It came with hummus, spinach dip, chicken, lamb, salad, and amazing bread. I don’t think I’ll be eating for the next two days.

The train was cool, but I took it around rush hour so the ride there was pretty cramped and unpleasant. But I was able to read about the winner of Master Chef Australia and do Sudoku on the way back.

And no, the train station is not referred to as the “Kebab Station” — it’s a coincidence… I think. But the train station in Coburg was near the restaurant. Oh my god!