Portland, Oregon – Day 8

I’ve found each place I’ve been I usually have one night that I can really say stands out from the rest. The one that reminds me that the 10 hour airport days are worth it. Last night was definitely it.

“Roots on the Rails” featuring Butch Hancock, Jimmy Dale Gilmore, and Fred Eaglesmith

They told a much more “grown up” version of this joke as well as many others:

Three race horses were bragging about their race averages.

“I won 5 out of 20 races,” said the first horse.

“Oh yea! I won 15 out of my 30,” said the second.

“Hah! I won 50 out of 60,” said the third.

Hiding behind a hay bail, a greyhound was listening in on the conversation. He steps into view and says. “Well I won 99 out of 100 of my races.”

The third horse looks at the second horse and says

“WOW!!…. A talking dog!”

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