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London, England

Madrid, Spain

An eight hour bus ride from Barcelona to Madrid. Madrid felt like Barcelona’s younger brother, which was a nice change of pace. Plenty to see, do, and eat but slightly more relaxed.

Barcelona, Spain

We flew from Paris to Barcelona. I liked Barcelona, a lot. If I had to pick a non-english speaking country to live in it would likely be the one. Coffee, food, art, history, and alleyways for days.


Paris, France

We took a bullet (maybe it wasn’t a bullet train, but it was fast) train from Amsterdam to Paris that only took about three hours. We went to Paris to meet up with the eurotrip tour group Oscar and Maurizio left. They did it for 13 days while other members on the tour were there for 26.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

After a nine hour bus ride from Berlin to Amsterdam we arrived. We had a nice little hotel outside of the city in a suburb called Zwanenburg. Two train stops in to the city and we were there in 15 minutes. Bikes everywhere.

At this time in the trip Amsterdam was my favorite city. It reminded me a lot of Melbourne.

Berlin, Germany

A delayed flight to Düsseldorf, and a delayed connection to Berlin. We did not have the exact address to our AirBnb so we walked up and down the road a few times. We knew it was on the 4th floor so we looked for 5 story buildings. We ended up trying the key in random 5 story buildings until it worked. We got it!

Great food, great beer, and great soccer. Until an upset Italian threw a glass at a Barca fan.

London, England

Flying in to London to meet up with friends before touring a few European countries. We ended up staying out until 4am and leaving for our plane at 5am to Germany.

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