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Melbourne Zoo

The sanctuary is a bit too far to go to without a car so I settled for the zoo. Still very cool!

Hot “Jelly” Doughnut

Something’s missing!


Seven Seeds, Melbourne

Latte and “the egg special”.

WordPress User Meetup, Melbourne

At Inspire9, an awesome co-working space (that’s free!) I’ll definitely be back!

Be Responsive Meetup, Melbourne

Two really amazing talks. A totally different type of presentation than what I’m use to.

Sushi Burger + Udon Soup

Yes, it’s just what it sounds like. And it’s delicious.

Eric, Federation Square, Melbourne

He did the whole thing with a French accent then told us he was from Australia at the end.

Fire Juggler, Federation Square, Melbourne

He caught one the wrong way and almost let one loose in front of a bunch of kids.

ACCA, Melbourne

Australian Centre for Contemporary Art — A small gallery with no permanent collection. “30 Second Text” is a room with a single light and text on the wall. It is a few paragraphs about a doctor who tried to communicate with a severed head of a deceased human. Apparently it blinked when its name was called, twice, then nothing on the third attempt, after about 30 seconds.

At the bottom it states that it should take you about 30 seconds to read the text. Then the light turns off and it is pitch black.

Queen Victoria Square, Melbourne

“Urban Market” aka a food court. At least there is free WiFi!


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