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Learning from Experiences

It’s a real conundrum. You need the first experience to learn anything to be able to move forward; but a lack of experience the first time around usually ends with imperfect results.

I thought American TV was bad. But it turns out Australian TV is just the things that are so bad they don’t even make it to America. At least there’s alway Seinfeld reruns though.

Art Nite

Underwhelming. Some cool galleries but they definitely could have made it more of a “thing”.


Melbourne Museum & AIDS 2014

Watching the English

A good 300 pages. I think we need more.


A Fun Night

Met some characters…

Saturday Morning Adventures

Queen Victoria market for a hot jam doughnut (Australia really needs to learn how to fill a doughnut) and then to the National Gallery of Victoria. After that I walked around St. Kilda for a bit and checked out Luna Park.

St. Kilda Beach Pier

There’s a colony of little penguins. Couldn’t really get a good photo with my phone and respected the “No Flash” signs that apparently no one else saw…

Bowery to Williamsburg, Melbourne CBD

Animated Conversations, Australian Centre for Moving Images


I’ve heard “Kung Foo Fighting” about 6 times while I wait for it to begin.

Edit: It was informative, but really just made me want to watch movies.

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