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Ice Skating – NYC


Brooklyn, NY


Cleveland, Ohio

A short but great trip to visit Zack and Ashley. Walked through a “metro-park”, went to work with Zack for the day, and checked out the Cleveland Art Museum. And more snow!

Flagstaff Mountain – Boulder, CO

It makes going to the airport about the last thing I want to do tomorrow. But I know more adventure liesĀ ahead.

Leanin’ Tree Museum of Western Art – Boulder, CO

They really make greeting cards… but apparently they feature all of the card artwork in their museum.

Sanitas Moutain and Sanitas Valley

About a mile–mile and a half.

Boulder County Farmer’s Market




Hiking the Rockies – Boulder, Colorado

The “Fourth of July” and “Diamond Lake” trails. We couldn’t make it to Diamond Lake in time before it started to get too dark.

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